Invest With The Best – Renner Realty is # 1 in Austin for Investors 

Renner Realty is the number one residential real estate investment broker in the Austin area, having sold more than 400 properties to investors in the past three years. That’s over $80 million dollars in closed transactions!

Investors from all over the nation and the world have chosen Renner Realty because of their extensive knowledge and network with builders, on-site agents, and other realtors who work the investor market. Renner Realty has garnered a reputation for being able to choose homes in areas that have the highest potential for appreciation and the best “rentability”. Their micro market knowledge is invaluable putting them far ahead of the competition. Kenn Renner has taken his 25 years of real estate experience and shares it with thousands of investors across the United States through live and computer based seminars. He then follows with personal coaching and mentoring of clients through the investment process. His seminars show the reasons for taking advantage of Austin’s booming economy and real estate market. For the past 25 years, he has studied real estate cycles & trends, observed markets, and has been on the leading edge of knowing when and where to invest. Seeking areas that are undervalued but that have high potential for appreciation and growth.

Kenn started investing in Austin during the early 90s and he continues to invest in Austin area properties. His philosophy is that he will not sell an investor a property that he would not purchase himself. Kenn offers the role of guide and mentor through out the real estate process, offering strategies and wisdom that places his clients in the most advantageous position to maximize their investment. Whether buying a first investment property or multiple income properties, Kenn Renner knows how to analyze investment objectives and to place his clients into properties that will meet those objectives for both the short term and the long term.

It Is All About Relationships

Kenn has built strong relationships with trusted advisor partners (T.A.P.’s). His trusted advisor partners are experts in their particular fields and are personally interviewed and tested through time to ensure their reliability and their viability as trusted professionals. Some of the core trusted advisor partners that Kenn is associated with are lenders, architects, appraisers, custom homebuilders, volume homebuilders, on-site agents, real estate attorneys, CPA’s, CFP’s, insurance companies, mortgage companies, inspectors, property management companies, commercial real estate agents and other brokers. When referring his clients to these trusted advisors there is a higher accountability and impact with the advisors. Much more efficient than simply finding someone on the Internet or in the yellow pages. The real estate business is a relationship business and a referral is a coveted relationship builder. Those who understand the professionalism of a “practice” understand the value of trusted referral relationships and Kenn has forged many of them over the years. His trusted advisors become a part of his team to assist his clients in achieving and protecting and growing their investments

Although the numbers are impressive, Kenn did not achieve those numbers without personal reliance and adherence with strict guidelines of service, expertise, and integrity. He demands the same of his trusted partners by always keeping the interest of the client first and foremost. And through his strategy of education, execution and ad vocation, he has been able to generate the coveted referral business that is so important to any long-term business plan. His clients keep coming back and referring their friends and associates to him.

There is a reason more investors have purchased homes with Kenn in the past three years than with any other broker in the central Texas region. He has been able to obtain exclusive allotments of properties with many of the major builders and he also depends on research, awareness and a keen “eye” for good properties. He has also developed a network of other trusted real estate brokers that are experts in their areas, including foreclosure experts, rehabilitation, fixer & flipper, and commercial brokers. His recommendation and referral of these agents saves clients valuable time in discovering the right people to use when getting involved in different aspects of real estate.

Kenn is a master marketer & negotiator and he’s surrounded himself with masters in their particular chosen fields. All this is available to our clients at no charge to them - sellers and builders pay Renner Realty’s fee even though our loyalty, representation and responsibility is to you the client.

Service, Expertise & Ingtegrity

This philosophy of concentrating on service, expertise, integrity, education, advocacy, and a referral network is relatively unique to the real estate industry. Not many agents have developed such an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a successful investor or entrepreneur.

Probably just as important as his experience is that Kenn is an investor in the product he sells. He owns real estate in a majority of areas that his investors purchase in and believes in what he sells.

Kenn or one of his top agents personally tours clients through the Austin area. He explains the pros and cons of each area and development, hones in and narrows in on the best properties and then helps the investor make the right decision. He and his staff then escort clients through the entire process of purchasing the property. From the search to negotiations to inspections, repairs, coordination of mortgage & insurance companies, accountants, and anyone else needed to complete the transaction. He the helps with establishing the management team and with continued after-close care. He will also keep the investor informed about their property through the years of ownership. Keeping them updated on what is going on with the market & what the market trends are. He will offers tips to them save money on property taxes, income taxes, management, insurance; anything to put his clients in the most advantageous position. All with the intention of keeping the client satisfied and receiving multiple referrals from each client. His hopeful expectation is to become the chosen agent to help market the property when it comes time to sell the property in the future.

If you’d like a personal consultation with Kenn to get involved with the rewarding and wealth building strategy of investing in real estate, call or text Kenn at 423-5626 or email